Freedom by Finance

Guaranteed Future Value for your vehicle. 


Usually when you buy a new vehicle, you can’t be sure what it’ll be worth in years to come. While a new Jaguar or Land Rover opens up a world of undiscovered possibilities, when it comes to the future value of your vehicle we understand that certainty is essential. That’s why we offer the option of guaranteeing the minimum future value of your vehicle at the time of purchase.

With a Freedom finance agreement, we can guarantee the minimum future value of your vehicle before you’ve even gone on your first adventure. That means you can leave the uncertainty behind, and return knowing exactly what the vehicle’s worth at the time of your final payment. No hidden surprises. And if you’d prefer to trade it in at the end of the agreement or upgrade to the latest model, the choice is yours.



- Choose your Land Rover or Jaguar model

- Agree on an upfront deposit, weekly payments and term of loan

- Set the agreed annual maximum mileage

Range Rover Sport Driving


When your agreement comes to the end and provided you have complied with the terms of your agreement, you'll have the flexibility to choose from these options:

RETAIN - You can own your vehicle outright by making the final payment

RENEW - You can exchange your vehicle for the next model. If the trade-in value of your Land Rover is higher than the final payment due then you can use that as a deposit for the next model.

RETURN - You can return your vehicle, simply by handing back the keys without making the final payment (but you will need pay a $350 fee and any excess charges).

Lending criteria, fees and charges apply. Contact our Finance Team at Archibald and Shorter for more information.